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Why does training your dog matter?

In America, 84.9 million people own pets, and 53% of those households own dogs. However, within those statistics according to a recent American Pet Product Association National Pet Owners Survey, four percent of the dogs in the U.S. take a training class.

That all means that as many as 75 percent of the dogs in this country never receive professional training — with more than 83 million dogs here, that works out to 62 million dogs. Dogs are dying in the millions at shelters, and bites continue to increase.

What can change these two horrible scenarios? By education and training.

No matter what their age or habits, there is never a bad time to train your dog! Training can help build a positive relationship, teach life skills, increase sociability, avoid problem behaviors, and enhance loyalty and companionship. Training your dog is essential to a happy, healthy life for you both. Here are some reasons to train your dog at Come. Sit. Stay. in Jacksonville, Fl.

So, what are some reasons you should train your dog?



  1. It’s beneficial to the both of you! Statistics show that owners with trained pets get more satisfaction and have a stronger bond with their pets. It will also help you understand their needs better, making you an ever better dog owner. 
  2. It helps your dog grow more sociable. Socialization is a very important aspect in a dog’s life. Being able to go to the dog park and let them off the leash without the worry that they’re going to misbehave and you’ll have to struggle to take them home. Learning how to respond to other dogs, and what is acceptable and not acceptable in dog language is an essential life lesson they need to understand and know if they’re going to get along with other dogs. 
  3. As mentioned before, it keeps everyone safe, you, your dog, and everyone else! A well-trained dog, under supervision is safer to have around family and friends and is at a lower risk to themselves rather than an uncontrollable dog. A dog that bolts when off the leash is much more likely to run in front of a car, or to slip out the front door before you’re ready to leave.
  4. Training a dog is actually fun! Obedience classes are fun for both you and your dog. They’re stimulating and engaged and, for Come. Sit. Stay. in Jacksonville, FL in particular, we take time to get to know you and your dog and personalise our training to you with our FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATIONS. Whether you have had dogs your whole life, or you are new to dog ownership, there are always new skills or information you can learn concerning canine training, techniques and methods.
  5. Finally, because you can teach an old dog new tricks! Unlike those old tales make you think, there’s nothing stopping you from moving forward in your dog’s education. A dog’s age is not an indication of if they can be trained. While older dogs may need different physical accommodations, they can learn and understand commands just as well as younger dogs. 



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