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We love play time but sometimes we need our dogs to STAY in one place regardless of distractions. Here at COME SIT STAY DOG TRAINING we train a real stay. Not that hand out, slowly backing up, repeating the word stay a million times only to turn around and have your dog running off. While COME is the most important command STAY/PLACE is our clients’ favorite.

We start training STAY by first training PLACE. Place is any clearly defined area. Place can be a dog bed, a rug, a towel, a chair, a park bench, etc. We always use an elevated mesh dog bed as place when starting out. We use these for a couple of reasons. One, they are a clearly defined area. Second and most importantly is the 4-5 inches of elevation. The elevation gets the dog off the ground and helps them focus. If you’ve ever seen any trained animals at SeaWorld, The Circus, or a Vegas Show the animals are always on a pedestal (PLACE). We train the dogs that once on place they are only allowed to leave if 1) we call them to us or 2) we give them the FREE command. Once freed they can be a dog and do whatever they want. Once the dogs are on PLACE, we teach them STAY with verbal and hand commands.

STAY/PLACE are used regularly in everyday life. You can put your dogs on place while cooking and eating meals. Place is great for when you have guests come over. Do you have kids that can get a little crazy? Imagine having your dog stay while you wrangle in the little ones.

STAY/PLACE makes life with your dog easier, and it’s cool to show off to your friends.