Woman at Home Dog Training Jacksonville


What most dogs really want is love and attention. That’s why they jump on us, bark at us, bring us toys, swat us with their paws. We need to train them that they get that love and positive attention when they come and sit. We reward with BIG LOVE every time they come and sit. We use love and positive reinforcement as our reward instead of treats. By using love and attention over treats we create a stronger bond with our dogs.

We need our dogs to sit next to us whether we are on a walk and stop to talk to neighbors, at the vet office, or when we have guest come over.  If you schedule a FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION you will get to meet one of our dogs in your front yard and see how our dogs will sit by our side, sit at a distance, and sit while properly meeting you. Most clients say that is awesome, but my dog could never do that. WRONG! That is part of the COME SIT STAY Lifetime Guarantee.