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Jacksonville In-Home Dog Training


Jacksonville In-Home Dog Training

Jacksonville In-Home Dog Training

Calling all Jacksonville, Florida dog owners! It’s been brought to our attention that many families rescued, adopted, or brought home new dogs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes we think a dog will be easy to train and sometimes we find out the dog has past naughty behaviors. It can be a frustrating dilemma with a new pet that requires some training. Bad behaviors can be corrected with the right training. 

Come Sit Stay in Jacksonville makes it easy. We come to you in the comfort of your home for a FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION and all training. We start inside and work our way out into the real world. This sets your dog up for a lifetime of success. We love a good challenge and will work with any dog no matter the breed or age. 

The 3 things you can expect your dog to learn from us:

  • Come 

Come is the most important command when training your dog. It is the foundation of all dog training. Before we can teach you sit, stay, down, heel, roll over, high five, or fetch we need your dog to come to us and pay attention. Your dog needs to come EVERY time, not just when they feel like it or when you are shaking the treat box. 

What most dogs really want is love and attention. That’s why they jump on us, bark at us, bring us toys, swat us with their paws. We need to train them that they get that love and positive attention when they come and sit. We reward with BIG LOVE every time they come and sit. We use love and positive reinforcement as our reward instead of treats with our in-home training technique. By using love and attention instead of treats we are able to create a stronger bond with our dogs. We need our dogs to sit next to us whether we are on a walk around JAcksonville neighborhoods and stop to talk to neighbors, at the vet office, or when we have guests come over.  If you schedule a FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION with us in Jacksonville, FL you will get to meet one of our dogs in your front yard and see how our dogs will sit by our side, sit at a distance, and sit while properly meeting you. 

  • Stay

We love play time, but sometimes we need our dogs to STAY in one place regardless of distractions. Here at COME SIT STAY DOG TRAINING in Jacksonville we train a real stay. While COME is the most important command, STAY/PLACE is our clients’ favorites. This command will be used regularly in everyday life. You can put your dogs in ‘place’ mode while cooking and eating meals. Place is great for when you have guests come over. Do you have kids that can get a little crazy? Imagine having your dog stay while you wrangle in the little ones. A dog that can consistently demonstrate STAY makes life with your dog easier. Not to mention… it’s cool to show off to your friends!

We work hard to help your dog learn these 3 must-have tips for dog training. Did we mention the best part? We provide this training in your own home. This is the best case scenario to meet your dog(s) in their own environment and they can apply these newly learned skills there too! Good dog behavior will only aim to improve that relationship for years and years. Learning the foundation “Come, Sit, Stay” will open the doors to learning the ultimate goal: walking freely from a leash! 

Whether you have a new puppy, an older dog, a rescue, or even a troubled dog showing aggression, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION and start your journey to be free from the leash in Jacksonville, FL!

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