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How To Include Your Dog In On The Easter Fun!

Springtime is a time to rejoice and enjoy the freshness of the world waking up again after winter. And with Easter approaching, you may be wondering what you can do to celebrate and include your dog in on the Easter festivities.    While you need to make sure to be cautious with our canines around the sweet treats, plastic eggs and plastic grass, there’s still plenty of ways to include your pooch in the fun.   So let’s dig in on some of the fun activities that you and your dog can do together this Easter.  

#1 -Dress Your Dog Up!

We’ve all seen those adorable pictures with furry friends wearing costumes, right? This is a great way to include your dog in the Easter fun, if he will tolerate being dressed up. You can outfit him in a full costume, like an Easter bunny, a baby chick ,or maybe just a head piece. You could even put a little necktie scarf or bow tie on him. The choices really are endless! If that isn’t working for him, how about a fun collar or bow attached in Easter colors or styles?  

#2 – Yummy Dog-Friendly Easter Treats

This is where you need to be careful, but of course there are plenty of Easter treats fit for your dog. You can give him any of his regular treats, but make it special by feeding him from a pet-safe Easter basket. Safe means no plastic grass, plastic eggs, or chocolate.   While hard boiled eggs won’t hurt him, be careful not to give him too many. Also make sure they are fresh and haven’t been sitting out too long. Doggies can have sensitive digestive tracts when it comes to “people” food.   There’s also plenty of veggies you can feed your dog too. Potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers. Fruits are okay too, such as watermelon, strawberries, oranges and blueberries. Fruits with pits should be avoided.   As with any treats, we don’t want to overfeed Bruno, but he can enjoy all these yummy Easter treats in moderation.   

#3 – Doggy Photo Shoot

Find out if any local stores or malls are offering doggie photos with the Easter bunny. Before you go, take your dog for a walk or play fun games for a bit. This will get some of their energy out and they will hopefully stay calm and collected during the photo. If no one is offering Easter bunny photos near you then have a photo shoot at home.    Grab some of your decorations and create a festive background. You could even dress up your dog but make sure that the costume doesn’t irritate them. No photo is worth forcing your loving pet into wearing something they don’t want too. Plus, they look adorable even without the clothes.  

#4 – Have A Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

Ever played hide and seek with your pup? This is a similar concept and most dogs have an instinct to hunt and they will gladly accept the challenge.   First replace candy with treats & tiny toys and put them inside plastic eggs. Hide them around the house or yard and release your pup(s)!   Just remember- including your dog in an Easter egg hunt is perfectly fine if you follow a few safety precautions:
  • Keep him away from plastic grass
  • Keep him away from chocolate
  • Don’t let him chew on any plastic eggs, only hardboiled and only when fresh
  • Any fabric-stuffed chew toys should be pet safe
  • Don’t overfeed veggies or fruit, but he can enjoy in moderation
  • Count the number of eggs you have hidden so you know none are left to rot or to be found by Fido after Easter
  • Be careful of small plastic toys, you don’t want doggie to eat anything that might hurt his insides

#5 – Make A Fun Doggy Easter Basket

One of the best parts of celebrating Easter with our furry family is putting together the basket! We love giving our pets gifts, and Easter is just one more excuse to spoil our dogs. Even if they can’t eat candy, we can still share the fun of a great Easter basket with our pets! You can include things like:  
  • Colorful dog cookies made just for dogs. A lot of local pet stores sell them.
  • Animal Plushies
  • Eggs
  • Their favorite dog treats
  • Balls
  • New dog brush

  Have fun with this and get creative! The great thing about dogs is that they are simply happy because YOU are the one giving them their gifts- you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your dog happy!   

Have a pup-tastic Holiday!

  With all these pup-tastic ideas in mind, you can have a safe and pleasant Easter with your dog and family. Plus, just think of all the amazing pictures you’ll get of your dog in those cute bunny ears or Easter costume! Just don’t forget to drop us a follow and share them with us on our social media channels.  For more great dog training tips check out our Come.Sit.Stay Dog Training website and blog. We’re Jacksonville, Florida’s #1 In-Home Dog Training Service.

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