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Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Peeing in the House!

  “My Dog Won’t Stop Peeing in the House!” If you have a furry friend, we’ve all been in the potty training phase. Walking to the fridge late at night one second, slip! The next your sock is wet with your new pup’s accident. While potty training is a part of every new dog’s training, if your pet is continuing to have accidents there may be a deeper reason! Here at Come. Sit. Stay. we’re here to explain what that may be, and help you and your best friend to make sure it doesn’t continue.

Understand the reasons behind a dog peeing in the house

  1. Your pup isn’t actually house trained – No matter the age, if there hasn’t been proper training for where and when to go, your dog will make your home their backyard. At Come. Sit. Stay. in Jacksonville, FL we believe in patience, positive reinforcement and a few “atta doggos!” to get your furry friend potty trained.
  2. Your dog is dealing with anxiety – Your dog is dealing with anxiety – With a dog peeing in the house while you’re gone, he may be suffering from separation anxiety. Stress over the competition of resources such as bedding, shared attention, food, and toys may cause an increase in peeing indoors. Anxiety from being left home alone, or even from new people or places may cause your pet to begin having accidents as a way to express control over their environment.
  3. Your dog is marking – More likely than not, you’ll have to deal with a dog peeing in the house due to dog marking at some point in your dog-owning life. Marking behavior is a bit different than accidents or medical issues, and often involves a pattern of behavior. Your pet may urinate on the same object after cleaning, or may only have accidents in one location such as on your bed or a piece of clothing. Marking accidents are also often in very small amounts rather than an emptying of an entire bladder.
  4. Your dog is sick or a senior – If you suddenly notice your dog peeing in the house, check in with your vet. There are several health-related issues that could be causing the new behavior. Like us humans, senior dogs can have an issue holding their bladder. That may mean paying extra attention and letting your dog out more often than you used to, or following other advice from your vet!
Ultimately, remember – accidents happen. Your dog doesn’t want to disappoint you as much as you don’t want to disappoint them! Patience and persistence are key to stopping marking and it may take a few tries before your pet is back to their well-mannered self. A healthy diet, lots of exercise, reduced stress, and loving owners are all integral in stopping your pet’s urinary marking and getting back your home! Learning your dogs behaviors and their tells will go a ways to help in seeing the signs of your pet; you can learn to do that with proper training of your fur friend! At Come. Sit. Stay. in Jacksonville, FL we can help you! If you’re looking for a free in-home consultation or if you have any questions please contact us at (904) 233-0608 or fill out a form here!

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