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Foods You Can and Can NOT Feed Your Dog This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special tradition in the United States where families gather to express their gratitude and appreciation towards life. It’s spent with family and friends gathered around enjoying home cooked meals; but when one of those attendees is your very own furry friend, we need to be mindful of what food we feed them off the dinner table. It’s important to make it clear to guests not to feed your dog without your permission and make them aware of foods that are toxic to dogs if you think someone may sneak some table scraps.    Here are foods your dog can and cannot eat this Thanksgiving:  

CAN: Sweet Potatoes

If you feed your dog a sweet potato, you’ll want to be sure it’s cooked and that the skin is removed. If you leave the skin on it makes it harder for your dog to digest. DO NOT feed your dog a raw sweet potato. They are extremely difficult to chew, but they can upset your dog’s stomach and could cause intestinal blockage.  

CANT: Mashed Potatoes

  It isnt necessarily the potato itself thats the issue. Rather, the butter and seasonings and dairy added to the mashed potatoes that makes it unsafe for you pooch. For example, onion and garlic are toxic to dogs which are traditionally added to mashed potatoes. So best to steer clear of those for you little pup.  

CAN: Green Beans

  Green beans are a great choice for dogs! They are nutritious and low calorie. Dogs enjoy them and you’ll love the vitamins and minerals it contains for your pup. Be sure the green beans are fresh, frozen or canned and have no added salt or seasonings. Seasonings in general are best to stay away from.  

CANT: Thanksgiving Gravy

  Gravy is a key ingredient on thanksgiving. We tend to pour it all over our plate but for your dog it’s a no go. Gravy is extremely high in fat and can be harmful, causing gastrointestinal distress and life-threatening inflammation. Often your dog won’t react immediately but soon it may begin to show signs of vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc.  

CAN: Turkey 

  Turkey itself is a yes. Often found in many dog foods, turkey is a wonderful source of protein and often fed to dogs. The only issue is seasonings. You don’t want onion or garlic seasoning on the turkey for your dog to digest as it’s toxic to them. So do not feed them the skin and if it is heavily seasoned, it would need to be avoided as well.  

CANT: Stuffing

  Stuffing, although delicious, typically contains onions, scallions and garlic. All deathly toxic to dogs. They are life threatening and cause anemia (a destruction of their red blood cells). If not anemia, there is still a risk of it lodging itself in the intestines or stomach causing a blockage.   

CAN: Apples

  Apples are wonderful for dogs. They contain high amounts of vitamin A and C as well as fiber. They are low in fat and protein, making them the perfect snack. However, you do want to avoid the core of the apple, especially the seeds of the apple, as that can be harmful to dogs. Apple seeds contain small amounts of cyanide when chewed. Small amounts is unlikely to cause harm but better to avoid the seeds as much as possible.   We hope you and your family enjoy this thanksgiving holiday with your furry friend and it’s worry free regarding what your little guy can eat!  Follow us on facebook! Related: How to Calm Down an Anxious Dog

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