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First Day Training With Your Puppy

Surviving the First Day Training With Your Puppy

If you’ve ever gotten a puppy or known anyone who has, you know the first day training with your puppy can be rough, especially the puppy’s first night. Once the excitement of “OMG puppy!” has worn off, you’re left with the uncertainty of “Do I know how to take care of this puppy?!” Most new puppy parents go through a period of uncertainty, wondering whether or not they’re doing it right.

Here at Come. Sit. Stay. in Jacksonville, Fl we’ve been asked plenty of questions about what to do when you get a new puppy. Here in this blog post, we’ll show you our go-to guide on surviving the first 24 hours with your new puppy!

The first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure you have all of the things you need! Most people think of having a toy, or a handful, but what about a play pen? Below are some of the must haves we at Come. Sit. Stay. in Jacksonville, Fl believe are must haves: 

First Day Puppy Necessities

Adjustable collar and leash

Collar tags with contact info

Food and water bowls

High-quality puppy food

Poop bags and holder

Dog bed (for puppy’s first night)

Toys and treats (start simple—you’ll learn your puppy’s preferences the longer they’re with you)

Playpen and baby gates


The day you bring your new puppy home is the day you’ve been waiting for. It’s your first day as long-term companions, and you want to begin bonding with your pup immediately. Start off right by staying home, so you can make your puppy feel secure and enjoy every minute of this experience.

Here are some tips to make sure the first day is the best it can be for your puppy, for you, and for your family: 

  • Start potty training right away! Start by taking him to the outside area where you want him to eliminate. When he does relieve himself, use a command that you’ll stick to, like “go potty” and reward him with a special treat and praise.
  • Introduce him/her to their new family If possible, do this one person at a time. Give him a chance to meet each of you quietly. Supervise young children. Discourage them from picking up the puppy. Let them hold him in their laps with your help.
  • Keep it quiet on the first day When you get a puppy, it’s tempting to invite all your friends over to meet her right away. Of course, you want to show off your new best friend to the world! But remember, your puppy just went on a scary car ride and is in a brand new place with people she doesn’t know. Make your puppy’s first day safe, quiet, and easy. There’s plenty of time for visitors later. For now, let your puppy settle into her new digs—and her new family—in peace. Besides, she’ll probably want to sleep. A lot.
  • Start enforcing your rules right away! The puppy needs to learn the house rules from the very beginning. Praise good behavior. Set your rules ahead of time and stick to them, for example: Where do you want the puppy to sleep? Is puppy allowed on furniture? Can the puppy have food scraps from the table?
  • Remind puppy of mama Scent is your puppy’s strongest sense, and on their first night away from mom, they’ll be overwhelmed by new smells. You can help make them feel at home by placing a mama-scented t-shirt or towel in their crate.

With lots of affectionate contact with the family, consistent rules and routine, and rewards for good behavior, your puppy will quickly learn his place in his new “pack.” Most importantly, you will establish a bond that will endure throughout his life. And don’t forget the importance of training your puppy too!

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