Our mission

COME SIT STAY DOG TRAINING is your go to in home dog training company. We come to your home for private one on one lessons so you and your dog learn where you live. Whether you have a new puppy, rescue dog, or an older dog needing help with some new tricks we can help.

Our Vision

FUN, Informative, Accessible!! We want people to be able to have fun with their dog. Our program is a lot of work but we make it fun for the owners and dogs! We want my clients to be fully informed on how our process works so they can implement our training forever. We are available 24/7/365 for all current and past clients.



The consultation is FREE. We will come to your house to meet you and your dog. We discuss your issues and how our program works. Once we have met and talked we will then be able to give exact pricing on the program that is the best fit for you. I can tell you that our programs range from $200-$1600 with a lifetime guarantee.

I always ask what “service” they are looking to provide. In most cases they do need an actual service dog, just an obedient dog. We do not do certified service dog training. Our program is designed to train a dog to pass the CGC Canine Good Citizen test.

NO we will train any breed of dog.

Day 1 when you pick up your puppy the training starts. There are a lot of things you should be doing from the start. We offer free in-home consultations before you pick up your puppy so you can be armed with knowledge right away. Our Puppy packages are designed to help with all of those early puppy problems.

NO We train dogs 10 years plus on a regular basis. Even dogs with limited physical abilities can still be stimulated mentally to create a more balanced dog.

Yes! Our tagline is FREEDOM FROM THE LEASH. We want off leash control with our dogs. Most of our dogs’ lives are spent off leash in the home and in our yards. That is where we need our dogs to listen when people come in the house, when we are cooking or eating food, when kids are playing, we need you to come in from the back. All of these are times we need our dogs to listen and obey. Even when we are on a leash, it should be a loose relaxed leash. No pulling!

Yes! We address and give potty training advice at the consultation. Potty training comes along much faster when paired with an obedience program like ours.

We only do in-home private one on one training with you, your family, and your dog. We believe the only way to have long term training success is to train the owners with their dogs. We want you to have the skills of a dog trainer so for the rest of your time with your dog you both speak the same language.

That’s why we do a free hour-long consultation. We want you to learn in detail how our programs can specifically help you reach your goals. Here are some of the things we train with every dog. Come, Sit, Stay, Place, walk with you, No jumping or biting, proper way to greet people at the door, doorway boundaries or no running out the front door, any specific boundaries, puppy stuff like potty and crate training, aggressive behavior, and submissive behavior.

Yes! Our programs are designed to challenge our dogs mentally and physically. At the FREE in-home consultation, We can go into detail how our program addresses these issues.

Yes, all dogs can be trained. Dogs are easy, it's the owners that can be difficult. Hahaha.

With certain programs we offer a life-time guarantee. We have a 5 Star rating from all clients that have completed our program. When the owners are trained with their dog the results are endless.