Jacksonville Dog Running While Boarded

Come is the most important command when training your dog. It is the foundation of all dog training. Before we can teach you sit, stay, down, heel, roll over, high five, or fetch we need your dog to come to us and pay attention. Come EVERY time, not just when they feel like it or when you are shaking the treat box. We have a lot of clients, during our free in-home consultation, say “my dog is pretty good at come.” Usually they call their dog and one of three things happen. One, Rover comes immediately and is awesome, but this is RARE. Second, Rover looks at them and saunters around slowly, eventually making his way over on his own time.  Sometimes, Rover completely ignores them all together and lays still. When Rover comes the first time, I say great give him some big love. Now, let’s see what happens outside with distractions. Nine out of ten times, we get outside with all the distractions and everything falls apart. SQUIRRELS, CATS, DOGS, CARS, LEAVES, WIND, MY TAIL, ANY and EVERYTHING is now all Rover cares about and coming back to his owner is the last thing he wants to do.


As dog owners, it is our responsibility to keep our fur babies safe. Knowing that Rover will come as soon as he is called will keep him safe. Safe from running in the street and out in front of cars. Safe from running towards another dog and a possible altercation. Safe from jumping on kids, grandma, or any guests.


Our tagline here at COME SIT STAY DOG TRAINING is “FREEDOM FROM THE LEASH”. Once we know our dog will come back to us on command every time regardless of distractions, they now will get to experience a freedom like never before. No more putting your dog away when people come over, no getting pulled down the street, no more begging at the back door to come in from potty time. Now we can play frisbee in a park or chase a ball on the beach.


When we have confidence in our dog and they have earned their “FREEDOM FROM THE LEASH” you will see another level of happiness from your dog.