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Can I effectively train my dog with treats?

We all want perfectly behaved dogs and when we train our furbaby it’s easy to use treats as a way to get our pooch to sit, stay and lay down; but is that the right way to train your dog? Is treat training considered bribery?

Well, there’s positives and negatives to this type of training. Dogs repeat behaviors that are rewarding. For example, if your dog gets a treat when he or she sits, they’ll more likely sit again the next time you ask. Success, right? Well, if you use treats, and only treats as a reward, your pup may always expect a treat for a job well done or when you expect acceptable behavior.   If you always dangle a treat in front of your pup, then give your dog a command and that task is accomplished, you’re bribing them to deliver that desired behavior. Therefore, putting the food out first as a bribe or using it as a lure, you’re risking them performing only for the treat and not responding to you and your command.

 Why it’s better to have a professional dog trainer coach your dog with treats over you. 

It’s not that you’re not capable, patient and doing it for all the right reasons when you train your dog with treats, its just with any skill, to be as successful as possible, positive reinforcement training takes practice and an accurate understanding that only a professional dog trainer has. You wouldn’t ask a lawyer to come out and fix your car would you?  Treats are great for initially getting your dog’s attention, but eventually relying on them less and less is the goal and that’s when the real training and patience will be needed; that’s where a professional dog trainer comes in handy. 

So, let’s go back and answer the initial question being posed …Can I effectively train my dog with treats?

The answer is yes and no. Good dog training is also based on science, which means that dog trainers have a firm grasp of learning theory, canine behavior, and interpersonal dynamics. They’re able to demonstrate training exercises clearly, coach pet parents as the dog tries it, and troubleshoot any problems that might arise. 
So in the end 
  • If you want to treat-train but don’t want to make treats or food the sole solution when it comes to rewarding your pet, then a dog trainer can definitely help you with that.
  • If you want a successful result when training your puppy or adult dog but aren’t 100% sure how to do it, hiring a professional trainer is the way to go!
  • If you’re looking to train your dog other basic training commands or more advanced tricks, again, a professional trainer has got you covered! 

So if you’re just dog tired of training fails, then investing the time and money into a professional dog trainer is priceless and will pay off throughout the life of your dog. A competent expert will confidently lead both you and your dog through every step with ease and always be available to you with any questions (and trust me, you WILL have questions!)

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