January 31, 2023 - By :

Is At Home Dog Training Better?

At-home dog training offers many benefits for both the owner and the dog that are often overlooked. It may...

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December 20, 2022 - By :

Tips For Training Your Puppy in the Winter

Yes, winter is here again, and while it may not be the most pleasant time to go outdoors with...

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December 2, 2022 - By :

Why Leaving Your Dog Outside Often Can Lead To Behavior Problems

Deciding what to do with your dog while you’re at work, running errands, or otherwise out of the house...

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November 14, 2022 - By :

10 Reasons Why We Are Thankful For Dogs This Thanksgiving 

At Come.Sit.Stay Dog Training, in Jacksonville, Fl., we see firsthand the many emotions of dog owners. Sure, we see...

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October 31, 2022 - By :

How To Have A Safe HOWL-O-WEEN with your dog

Are you a novice pet owner or new to Florida and wondering how you can include your dog in...

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October 21, 2022 - By :

How To Train Your Dog To Run With You

Everyone needs regular exercise — including dogs. Running with your dog can be a great way for both of...

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September 30, 2022 - By :

Stop Your Dog From Being A Door Dasher

Does your dog dart out the door when you open it? Sure, it’s a pushy behavior when your pup...

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September 16, 2022 - By :

Is Your Dog Bad or Bored? 

As a dog trainer, Come.Sit.Stay gets a lot of requests for help with destructive, naughty, or loud dogs. More...

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September 2, 2022 - By :

5 Important Hand Signals To Teach Your Dog

Why are hand signals important in dog training? Or a better question would be, why is it important for...

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August 20, 2022 - By :

Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks? Dog training tips for elderly dogs.

Just because your pup is getting older doesn’t mean that he or she can’t be trained. They say that...

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