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Everything we do at Come Sit Stay DOG TRAINING is focused on creating a lifetime of LOVE & FUN between owners and their dogs.

There are many options out there for getting your fur baby trained. I encourage all of my clients to do their research before making a decision. After years of studying and practicing various training techniques, I came to realize there is no one size fits all method! That’s why we offer our FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION, so you get to meet your trainer and learn step by step our entire plan to train you and your dog.  Each home has different circumstances. We cater to your individualized needs and concerns.

By training the owners along with their dogs we ensure that everyone is speaking the same language.  Every dog and every owner are different and have different needs and expectations. We take our proven programs and adjust them to fit YOUR needs for the greatest results. It’s because of this we GUARANTEE results forever.

We do all of our training within the comfort of your home. By doing the training at your home we train where training is most needed. Every part of our training is done with you, so you know exactly what we are doing. Unlike lengthy “board and trains” or “doggy boot camps” we show you our techniques every step of the way. We start inside and slowly move our way outside. I have always said “if you can’t get your dog to listen inside, how do you expect to get them to listen outside with a whole world of distractions?” We want to prove our training inside, at the door, in the driveway, in front of the house, in the neighborhood, then out in the real world. Our final lesson (exam) is a field trip to somewhere like the beach, a park, or a dog bar.

Whether you have a new puppy, an older dog, a rescue, or even a troubled dog showing aggression, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION and start your journey to be free from the leash!

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Morgan DeButy

Owner/Director of Training

Lead Trainer

My name is Abigail and this is my 3 year old Golden Retriever named Finn.

My life’s dream is to work with animals. I started as a veterinary Technician for 3 years before moving on to work with the wonderful trainers and staff at K9s for Warriors.

I am now training full time with Come Sit Stay Dog Training located in Jacksonville.

I couldn’t be happier that I get to live my dream everyday at work!  


Lead Trainer


I’m Hannah and these are my dogs, Nikita and Archer! 

I started training dogs some years ago when I trained Archer as my service animal. He showed me my true passion is working with animals, and I left my career in IT to follow a new path in life, dog training. Even in my off time, I’m training for new sports and activities with my dogs every day! 

I’ve been training professionally for about three years now, both independently and for private kennels. Now I’m working with Morgan here at Come Sit Stay, and Nikita, Archer, and I are loving every moment we spend with my clients and their dog



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    Doggie Diplomas!

    Upon completion of training we will be awarding a doggie diploma to your fur-baby. All Come Sit Stay alumni are eligible to join in our monthly Come Sit Stay WALK & PLAY events. We want to grow a true community and invite you to come out for beach walks, park parties, group lessons and more!