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5 Things to Avoid When Getting a New Puppy

5 Things to Avoid When Getting a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is amazing and you’re so excited that you forget what you need to avoid when you get the puppy that you have always wanted. These things are very important when starting your life with your new puppy. Missing these can cause major behavioral problems when they grow up. Here are some tips of dog training a young puppy on us at Come. Sit. Stay. in Jacksonville, Fl.



  1. Allowing your puppy to roam around the house freely



When your puppy is left to roam freely around your house it could cause the puppy to get in places where they shouldn’t be. Puppies love to roam around, chew on things, get in tight places and potty in places they shouldn’t be. This is also important because your puppy needs to learn the expectations in your house of where to go and where not to go. It is easier for you to have your puppy learn now versus reversing the bad behavior of letting them roam anywhere. If there are places in your house that you don’t want your puppy to go or you are leaving your house then you should confine your puppy into a small area using a crate or gates. This allows your puppy to not run around and cause too much trouble.



      2. Taking your puppy to the dog park too young



Depending on the age of your puppy, it is dangerous for the puppy to go out to a dog park. Until 16 weeks of age, your puppy will not have had all the shots and will be in danger or diseases and infections. You should wait till after 16 weeks to bring your puppy out to parks. Another reason to not bring your puppy to a dog park is that it could be overwhelming for the puppy. If they have a negative experience then they would associate negative thoughts with dogs or a park. The best way to avoid this is to slowly introduce your puppy to other young dogs. Introduce them only one at a time so that way the puppy does not get overwhelmed. 


      3. Overprotecting

When you get a new puppy it is easy to be super protective and want to coddle because you don’t want anything bad to happen to it. People will pick up their puppy at the sign of any slightest disturbance that may happen. This is risky behavior considering once the puppy grows older, they could become more anxious and unsure about everything. The puppy needs to learn how to be on their own and make mistakes. You will be there to have their back but they still need to stand on their own 4 paws. 


     4. Taking your puppy home too soon


The first 8 weeks of your puppy’s life is crucial. They need their mother’s nurturing and little social skill from their brothers and sisters. Puppies that do end up leaving their mother too early develop many problems like bite inhibition and struggle to interact normally with humans or dogs. Choose a puppy that is older than 8 weeks, ideally 12 weeks or older is best for new puppies.


      5. Waiting too long to train your puppy


Your puppy can be trained right away and doesn’t need to grow up until they learn. Waiting until they grow up, it will be much harder to train the puppy and even less likely that the training will stick. Starting at a young age, basic training commands such as “sit, stay, down and come” are the pillars of any good dog training regimen. Having a good foundation will enable your best friend to learn even MORE cool tricks.

Dog training can be an amazing bonding experience with your furry friend. It’s important to keep up and maintain a healthy and balanced enough lifestyle not only for you but for them too! If you feel you have a specially difficult case and you’re looking for a more comprehensive, battle-tested way of training, call us at (904) 694-5335. We will help set you on the right path to making your furry friend more behaved.

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