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Welcoming A New Pup During COVID-19?

Dog adoptions and rescues have grown across the US because of COVID-19. Have you also welcomed home a puppy recently? As people spend more hours stuck in the home, they’ve taken comfort in new pet additions to their family to pass the times. Dogs really are amazing, but inviting a new dog to your house can have a few hiccups to overcome such as separation anxiety. Separation anxiety in new furry friends to the home is common and can be corrected with good training. Patience is key and crucial. Rescue / adoption animals are more inclined to possess separation stress according to their own background. If at all possible, find out as much as you can concerning the background of your new dog prior to bring him/her home. This assists with knowing their behavior and identifying potential troubles so you can prepare and be ready for it and plan how to overcome their issues. Create strong boundaries with your new pet and take it slow, day by day working towards a little progress as each day passes. Have you got a high energy pup but reside in a little apartment with no grass outside or nearby? If this is so, regular exercise and walks is going to be crucial so be sure that fits your current lifestyle. Would you want to work out with your pet, however you may have a very low energy dog which will be training to get back to being active to match your desired lifestyle. Knowing your pet needs helps is the first step and work with him/her on progression to reach your goal. Ensure that your adopted / rescue dog gets the appropriate meals, exercise and regular love and affection from you from the very start once they are brought home into their new environment. Dogs really are a lifelong devotion so please keep that in mind before deciding to adopt. If you’re attempting to train your puppy to be obedient, be sure to contact one of our dog training experts for proper guidance. Our trainers utilize all breeds, ages and sizes to assist pet owners get the most out of their new puppies. If you’re fighting regularly with a bad behaved dog remember to contact us to receive assistance. We have transformed the lives of our clients and their dogs making this experience seamless and saves them money from carpets, glasses, shoes, etc all from being chewed to pieces!  Contact us today at 904-233-0608 for assistance and to setup a completely free in-home consultation to discuss how we can help you and your furry friend!

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